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Steve Jun

Where you are from and about you: Originally from South Korea, I moved to St Joseph from Bloomington,Indiana after graduating from Indiana University. My Fiance and I have a gurbaby named Winter and we definitely enjoy spending time and traveling with her. 

How you started at CrossFit Tides and what made you transition into coaching: I started my CrossFit journey when I moved to Findlay, Ohio in 2013. The decision wasn't inspired by higher fitness achievement goals, it was more to meet new people in a town where I didn't know anyone. Even four and a half years later, I still cherish the friendships that I developed in Findlay. Even though the start of my CrossFit journey wasn't focused on my fitness, I had zero doubt that I wanted to continue my journey at CrossFit Tides when I came back to St. Joseph from Findlay.

I got my L1 certification in the spring of 2014 for the sole purpose of better educating myself. However, I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge with my fellow athletes and helping them succeed. This helped me make the decision to take it to the next level and start coaching. 

My favorite part of being a coach is... When I see an athlete get the 'gold star' when posting their score in WODIFY. Even though I can't take any credit for their success, it makes me feel good. 


Favorite WOD: Grace - short and sweet

Favorite Movement: Any Olympic Lifting

Go-to Healthy snack: Almonds

Cheat day favorite:  Jets Pizza

If I am not at CFT you can find me: North Pier?


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


  • Coach – CFT