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Stacey Assell

Where you are from and about you: I’m a townie :) Born and raised in St. Joseph.   I started playing soccer when I was about 5 and continued to play through high school, college, and currently in multiple leagues.  


How you started at CrossFit Tides and what made you transition into coaching: I started CFT because I was bored with what was out there.  I was used to pretty high intensity training/ competitions and I couldn’t find a program out there that gave me that same workout, until I found CFT.  I love the combination of cardio/ weightlifting/ gymnastics (even though I have 0 flexibility or gymnastic skills) and feeling bada$$ after a workout.  I transitioned into coaching because after awhile I found it more rewarding to be able to teach someone how to get a kipping pull-up rather than  myself hitting a new PR.  


My favorite part of being a coach is...

Hands down my favorite part of coaching is watching someone practice and struggle to get a movement, whether it be a pull up or snatch or hspu, then one day it finally clicks and they do it!!! The expression on their faces is one of pure accomplishment and self pride.


Favorite WOD: I don’t really have a favorite...I like workouts with heavy lifting and light cardio

Favorite Movement: Power clean

Go-to Healthy snack: Peppers or hard boil eggs

Cheat day favorite: Wow, I don’t know where to start with this question….depends on my mood that day, could be a huge wet burrito (with chips/ salsa of course) followed by some oreos, or a Chatterbox Cheeseburger with a side of fries and rice pudding

If I am not at CFT you can find me: Probably napping, watching my shows (so many good ones out there now), going to a brewery with friends, or hanging out with my husband and dog, Meeka.  


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


  • Coach – CFT